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Master the Art of Fly Fishing with Our Expert Coaching Sessions

Master the art of fly fishing with our one to one casting lessons. Improve your skills and technique by learning the roll cast, overhead cast, change of direction, presentation, hauling, accuracy and speys. These sessions are solely casting lessons and can be incorporated into any fishing day or undertaken as a stand alone session. Which ever you choose Single Handed (Trout) or Double Handed (Salmon) we’ll make it a session to remember.


Cheshire Fly Fishing offer a wide range of tuition for all levels, the minimum time I would recommend for a beginners lesson is 2 hours. This will allow you to take your time and get the most benefit.

Half & Full day lessons can also arranged both on still water or river.


The aim of our beginners course is simple, to teach you how to get started and cast a fly using either a trout or salmon rod. We will Introduce you to the equipment rod, reel, line and leaders. Show you which fly may be best to use and why. Consider wind direction when casting and introduce you to two casting methods the Roll Cast and the Overhead. These two casts are the foundation for more advanced techniques but will enable you to get out there and fish. Common faults that may occur during the casts will be discussed, but don't worry we will show you how to overcome them. We will also cover methods of line retrieval & handling of fish.  A set of tuition notes will be given to you at the end of the session, so if you come across issues while fishing on your own you will have something to hand to help you back on your way.


For those of you who already have some fly fishing experience but are looking to build on your technique, our intermediate course is the one for you. For Single Handed rods we will have a quick refresher on the Roll & Overhead cast whilst also looking at Hauling (single & double). We will look at distance techniques, presentation casts to help create a drag free drift, accuracy, casting heavy flies and fishing sinking lines. For Double Handed rods we will recap on Roll & Overhead then cover Jump Rolls with varying loops. Managing sinking/sink tip lines and line management.


For those of you who are more experienced in the art of fly fishing and are looking to add a few extra casts into your armoury. For Single Handed we will introduce you to the Jump Roll, Single and Double Spey, Snake Roll & for Double Handed we will look at casts such as Single & Double Spey, the range of Snap casts & work on your ability to cast from either bank. All of which should give you a good set of skills that will help you fish whatever the conditions.

TEL. 07760 884450     EMAIL.

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