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The Game Angling Instructors Association (GAIA) was formed as the umbrella organisation which could provide support and a sharing of ideas to all those involved in game angling instruction. The organisation also provided some alignment for a number of qualifications and awards that had been developed over the years with varying requirements.

The BFCC was formed in 2003, based on traditional fly fishing values with a very modern technical influence, having the following objectives:


To provide a sociable Club environment where casters of any ability can maximise their potential, whether it be to better understand tackle, catch more fish, or to cast a long way.


Under The Club’s ethos, ‘personal best, not must win’, it is up to individuals to set their own objectives, but with the support of a group of very enthusiastic casters making it fun. This is clearly demonstrated by the BFCC ‘have a go for gold’ Distance Badge Scheme, starting at 25 yards and rising in 5 yard increments.

Formed in 1903, The Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) is a company limited by guarantee which was granted charitable status in March 2008. We have a UK-wide membership of game anglers, fishery owners/managers, affiliated trades and members of the public with an interest in conserving the aquatic environment and its dependent species. We address all issues relevant to fisheries legislation and regulation, together with environmental and species management and conservation. We have close working relationships with Government departments and agencies, advising them over fisheries and angling matters and influencing their decision-making processes on behalf of all those with an interest in the aquatic environment.


Owned and operated Stone Falls Trout Fishery and School of Fly Fishing in Castlerock, Northern Ireland where he also ran a successful guiding business for Mullet and Sea Trout on the fly on the North Coast of Ireland and Europe.


Leslie is renowned worldwide for his techniques in catching Mullet on the fly.  In January 2014 he relocated with his family to Placida, Florida.  He now operates the Leslie Holmes International School of Fly Fishing in Placida in Placida.

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